How can I keep SiaStream running in the background?

Right now, SiaStream runs from the command-line. And while you use SiaStream in your browser window, closing the command-line window that you used to open SiaStream will shut the app down.

You can just make sure to keep the window open, and SiaStream will run fine. But there's a few ways to keep SiaStream running in the background, and we'll outline a few here. These can vary between Mac and Linux.


tmux is a command that will keep SiaStream running even when you close the tereminal window. Here's a document detailing general use of the command.

Run tmux new -s siastream then ./siastream.


Available for MacOS, launchd isn't highly complex, but it can be a longer process for a less technical user.

Here's a setup document that can help guide you.


systemd lets you keep apps running in the background on Linux. You can see a short and helpful guide here.

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