Bootstrap your blockchain

When you use SiaStream, the Sia network works in the background. Sia runs on a blockchain, and blockchains can be pretty big files. SiaStream will download this blockchain file (also called consensus) in the background while you go through setup.

Normally, you'd need to wait for this file to finish downloading before your files will start uploading. This can take a couple of hours if you have an SSD, or up to a couple of days if you use an HDD. You can drastically speed up this process by downloading a bootstrap file, which is a pre-synced blockchain file that you download from a third party.

The most secure method of downloading the blockchain is always to let SiaStream download the file by itself. Bootstrapping is a convenience if you'd like to speed up the process, and should only be downloaded from a trusted source.

One such source is SiaStats, a Sia-centric website run by a longtime community contributor. SiaStats has a consensus download file can get you up and running.

Complete the SiaStream setup process, then quit the app.

Go to the SiaStats consensus download and click on Download

Open the folder where SiaStream lives on your computer. You'll see a number of folders, including consensus and transactionpool.

Now open the folder you just downloaded from SiaStats.

Take the consensus and transactionpool folders from the bootstrap download and drag them into the siastream folder we saw earlier. Choose to overwrite the two existing folders.

Once done, reopen SiaStream. You'll now be completely synced and ready to start using the app.

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