Your SiaStream wallet

If you don't have any prior experience with Sia, you might be wondering why you're asked to create or fund a wallet.

Why do I need a wallet?

The wallet is a place for you to store Siacoins, which is how you pay for your cloud storage on SiaStream.

Your wallet needs to be funded because it automatically uses this money to pay for your cloud storage. You pre-fund your wallet with Siacoins, and the app slowly draws them out as they are needed. This is the beauty of SiaStream, you only ever pay for what you are using. The wallet helps make that possible.

How many Siacoins should I put in it?

When you set up SiaStream, you were given an estimate of how many Siacoins your first three months of storage would cost. For starters, you'll need that amount of coins in your wallet, and SiaStream will take them out to pay for your storage as you go.

Every so often, you should add more Siacoins to your wallet to make sure you never run out.

Where is it physically stored on my computer?

Your wallet goes where SiaStream goes. When you download and run the app, you're also downloading and running siad, which is the Sia daemon. siad is what controls and communicates with Sia. Your wallet is in the same location as siad.

Why your seed is important.

When you set up SiaStream, you were given (and told to write down) your seed. The backbone of SiaStream, Sia, is incredibly secure because it runs on a blockchain. Having your seed means you can always access and recover your wallet and files from any other computer that has Sia installed.

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