What's the seed do, and why do I have it?

When you use SiaStream, you have a wallet.

Whether you make a new one, or use an existing Sia wallet, your wallet has a seed.

Your SiaStream seed is your key to your money and data. Keep this string of words safe. You need to make sure that you always have access to it, and that no one else knows it. Your seed provides a way to recover to money and files at any time.

About the seed

  • It’s a 28 or 29 word string that acts as your private key to your files
  • It's generated when you first set up SiaStream
  • If you have your correct seed, you'll never lose access to your wallet or files


If you lose your seed, your Siacoin balance and associated files will be permanently inaccessible. And if someone steals it, they can steal your money.

Because Sia is truly decentralized, the Sia dev team can’t access your seed at any time, for any reason.

Keep it safe

You should have physical and digital methods of storing it safely. As with any piece of digital information that you care about, you shouldn't consider it safe unless you have multiple independent backups.

  • Store it the same way it's given to you: all lower-case letters, with a space between each word
  • Make sure there is no space at the beginning or end of the seed

Physically Safe

Keep a laminated paper copy stored in a locked safe, or a bank safe deposit box.

Digitally Safe

Keep your seed in a password or biometric (e.g. fingerprint) secured app like 1Password or LastPass.

Make sure it's right

Once you write it down, copy and paste it, or re-type it, make sure you've done so correctly. A single miswritten word or mistyped letter might mean the entire seed is incorrect, and can no longer be used to recover your data.

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