Using SiaStream - the top nav

Along the top of the app, you have a few extra buttons.

From left to right:

Sync Status. SiaStream needs to sync to the Sia network, and this shows you how far along it is.

▶️ Pause uploads. This will pause uploads of your media to the Sia network for two hours.

SiaStream intelligently uses local copies of your media when it has them, but if you've offloaded your entire library to the decentralized cloud, new uploads can cause playback issues. Toggle this button to pause uploads while you're watching your new movie or show.

㆔ Show Logs. Use this to see what SiaStream is doing behind the scenes, and maybe troubleshoot an issue. Once you are viewing the logs, you can share them conveniently directly to Skynet.

Support center link. Use this to get back here, the SiaStream Support Center.

ℹ️ Information. Get advanced info.

Online. This shows you your online status, as well as your Sia node's IPv4 address.

Peers. This is how many randomly-selected nodes you are connected to that will serve you blocks of the blockchain.

Synced. This shows you whether or not you are synced to the Sia network. This is represented in blocks, because that's how blockchains work.

Unlocked. The status of your wallet. It can be locked or unlocked.

Version. The current version of Sia that SiaStream is using.

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