What's FUSE do for SiaStream?

FUSE stands for "filesystem in user space". It's a way to create a file structure that you can access from another app or computer. In this app, it's how SiaStream makes the connection between your media player and all the files that are uploaded to the Sia network.

SiaStream takes your local media and gets it up on Sia, and FUSE lets your media player see it. You need to tell SiaStream two things:

FUSE Mount Path. Where you want this Sia FUSE drive to be mounted on your computer.

Media Root Directory. The existing local folder where your media currently lives.

You don't change anything about how you store your media. When you get new files, just toss them in your normal media folders. The FUSE mount is just there so your media player can see the files that exist on Sia.

You can drag the folder you want to assign into the corresponding text box, and the path will be set for you automatically. You can't set the same folder for both.

Later, in Settings, you can determine whether your media stays on your machine after it gets uploaded to Sia, or deleted to save space and playback solely from the cloud.
MacOS users will need to download FUSE for MacOS.

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