Updating SiaStream

Every now and then, we'll release a new version of SiaStream. Download the right version for your OS.

The download will have two items, siastream-app and a folder called node_modules.

Before we move any further, open the folder that has your existing SiaStream install in it. In a moment, this is where you'll put the two files you just downloaded.

Before we do, let's backup your existing SiaStream app just in case we need it.

Take your siastream-app file and either rename it to something like "siastream-app.old", or move it to a new location. If the update doesn't work out for you, you can revert back to the old version.

Take your two new files and copy them over to this directory. You should overwrite the node_modules folder with the new one if an old one exists.

That's it! You can now start the siastream-app to see your updated version, by running ./siastream-app from the command-line as noted in the install instructions.

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