Is SiaStream synced to the Sia network?

How to check

SiaStream connects to the Sia network to store your data at incredibly cheap prices with unmatched security. To check if Sia is online and synced, click the i in the upper right corner.


The Sia Status window will appear, and you can see various helpful details. The first line item will tell you whether or not Sia is online. If it is, you'll see Sia's IP.

You'll also be able to see the synced status, indicating if Sia is completely caught up with every other Sia node around the world.

Synced blocks

This is a new term for some people, so here's a brief description. A blockchain is an unchangeable, public ledger that shows all the contract activity on the network. Your Sia needs to catch up to everyone else's Sia so that it's on the same page, and understands things like how much money you have to spend and who is hosting your data.

When we say public ledger, we mean that contract activity is public. Your files are never viewable to anyone but you.

Sia creates trustless, automatic-paying contracts with hosts to store your data. The reason it can do this, and drive prices down, is because the blockchain that governs Sia pre-loads these contracts with funds and ensures that hosts only get paid when they have fulfilled their end of the deal. Their deal, of course, is to store your data. All of this happens because of the blockchain.

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