What is SiaStream?

SiaStream is your movies, shows, and photos - but better.

SiaStream lets you store your entire media library in the cloud. It stores your files on providers all around the world to give you unparalleled speed, privacy, and security while being cheaper than any other cloud option you can find.

SiaStream takes your terabytes and puts them onto Sia, a global cloud storage network. Sia is a blockchain product, one of the few that delivers a real product with real value. Our network has been live for over four years, and hundreds of terabytes are being stored on it right now.

Here's the main pieces.


The app that gives you access to secure, private, and amazingly cheap cloud storage.


The back-end cloud storage network. This is where all your stuff ends up.


With a version written specifically for Sia, this is how your media and the cloud get connected.

Your stuff

The movies, shows, and photos that you want to store in the cloud.

And here's what you get.


Load up a 4k 60fps movie in seconds and seek ahead to your favorite part.


Your data is stored on the Sia network where it's split apart, encrypted, and stored in nodes all over the globe. You're protected against theft, censorship, and you can't be denied access to your data by hackers, corporations, or governments. Your data belongs to you.


Your files are always accessible to you because the network maintains 3x redundancy on everything you upload, and moves your data to new providers if one goes offline.


Store up to 20 TB, use with Plex or other media software like Emby and Kodi, and never worry about being deplatformed again. Your files are finally in the cloud and under your control.

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