Using SiaStream - the Dashboard

SiaStream has two tabs - Dashboard and Settings.

The top row

Hosts. A Host is a storage provider on Sia, so this number shows you how many different places your data is currently stored.

Data Stored. How much data you've got in the cloud.

Files Stored. The number of individual files you've uploaded.

Files Uploading. The number of files that are on their way to the cloud.


This section shows you your Siacoins balance, as well as its value in USD. Clicking Deposit will generate a Sia address. Send Siacoins to this address to increase your balance.

FUSE Status

See whether FUSE is enabled, and the location where the Sia FUSE drive is mounted. This FUSE drive allows your media player to access your movies and shows in the decentralized cloud.

Host Map

Every green line you see here represents a connection to one of your hosts. They all converge on your location. Remember, these hosts can't see your data.

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